The Bakery



Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to those who have enriched your life with laughter, joy, friendship, and camaraderie. I have had the privilege to know most of you from being a part of your wedding planning, your child's birthday party, anniversary, holidays, seeing you at Kensington Farmers' Market on Sundays, and more. I have also met some amazing fellow bakers and entrepreneurs who have lend their hands and talents on many occasions. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor.

After almost 9 years (and 20 years baking professionally), I have decided it is time for a change. I have always dreamed of traveling and exploring the world, backpacking, and to spend more time with friends and family. We closed our doors on December 19, 2016. 

Thank you for many wonderful, fun, challenging (in a good way) years!


The Baker

Anastasia Widiarsih was raised in a baking family in Indonesia.   She grew up immersed in sugar, flour, and butter everyday as her mom produced hundreds of cakes, tarts, and cookies at her home kitchen.   The smell of cakes coming out of the oven still brings out fond (and delicious) memories of her childhood home.  

After a few years in college studying Dietetics and Food Administration (and baking many, many banana breads and chocolate chip cookies for friends), she decided to take baking more seriously.  She attended and graduated from California Culinary Academy in 1996 with a degree in Baking & Pastry.    She continued her training at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco under the guidance of Paul Masse as an intern.   She spent the next 12 years honing her skills and discovering her style in several well known Bay Area kitchens, including Delfina, Farallon, and Café Fanny.  

In 2008, Anastasia decided to started her own bakery and opened Indie Cakes & Pastries.   She has been busily (and lovingly) baking for her customers since.